Van Joost

Table Supper


Table supper. Invite all your friends, and perhaps an enemy. Arrest time, it might last.

Although the legs and tabletop are reduced to their essence, the pine tabletop exceeds normality through an almost absurd length. Made to measure up to five meters.

Material: reclaimed pine wood
Size: all measurements up to five meters length are available on demand.
Color: natural light, natural medium and black

Price: table supper dining per m1 € 1000,00  (example 380 x 80 x 78 cm € 3800,00)

Price: table supper coffee 750 (example 200 x 75 x 35 cm € 1500,00)

Price: table supper standing  +500 (example 300 x 65 x 110 cm € 3500,00)

Price: bench supper per m1  500 (example 250 x 35 x 45 cm € 1250,00)

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