Studio Mitsu

Studio Mitsu - Toki Twirl Candle


Light up your home with the Toki Twirl Candle.
Hand-poured with love in Amsterdam. 
Made of an eco friendly organic wax blend.

Height 10cm | Weight 250g
Burning time approximately 6 hours

Height 14cm | Weight 750g
Burning time up to 20 hours

Height 17cm | Weight 1250g 
Burning time approximately 40 hours

How does the Toki Twirl burn?
The flame burns a cylinder inside the core in such a way that it leaves the sides of the candle to remain intact, transparant, and illuminated.

How should I burn the candle?
- Always light the candle safely and never leave it unattended.
- Place your candle on a heat resistant surface and make sure it's stable.
- Shorten the wick(s) to approximately 0,5 cm before each use of your candle.
- Allow burning candles for 2 hours on the first burn to ensure an even melting.
- Keep an eye on the length and position of the wick(s) while burning the candle.  - Keeping a well-trimmed wick will avoid the candle flame getting too large and creating smoke.